Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mobile Fun - May Promotional Code And Offers

May promotional offer is now on - Use the discount code that will give you £5 off when you spend over £30 from Mobile Fun until midnight 31/05/09.

Product Promotions
What’s hot at Mobile Fun - here is your latest guide their hottest deals and latest product releases:

The i-Tech SIMDrive is a lightweight, easy to carry SIM card reader. User friendly, simply plug and play into your PC and access all your mobile phone SIM card data straight from the PC.

Ideal for people on the move, this handy AA/AAA battery charger features a sliding drawer in which to place the batteries to charge. This ultra compact, slim charger will charge your batteries in around 8 hours. It will fit into many different camera bags and offers reverse polarity protection which includes a built in safety timer.

Fairly unremarkable looking phone at first glance, the LG KS360 looks like a pretty standard slider phone when you first see it. But the most unique of this phone is its QWERTY keyboard instead of dial pad. The display of LG KS360 is a 2.4 inch one with 240 x 320 pixels TFT QVGA touch screen and 262K colors. Although it’s not a touchscreen in the full meaning of the word, it features touch-enabled dialing, which is pretty cool. One of the most attractive features of this phone is the KS360 can automatically swivel itself by 90 degrees.

Bringing hi-fi stereo music to your mobile phone
With the I tech, you can get immersed in hi-fi stereo music straight from your mobile phone. Switch instantly between enjoying your music and talking on the phone. The music pauses/stops automatically when a call comes in– so you can choose to answer the call, or just keep on grooving. So turn up the volume and get lost in music – without losing touch.

No matter how careful you are, without protection, your iPod Touch 2G will get scratched. It's just one of life's problems. All it takes is one piece of dust so small you can't even see it - it get's stuck between two moving surfaces - and your screen is scratched. The only way to truly protect your device is with the invisibleSHIELD, and the time to do it is the moment you take your new iPod Touch out of its box.

Car charger for your phone, perfect for keeping your battery topped up whilst in the car, or keeping your phone going during a long journey. Simply plug in and charge, works in conjunction with your phones battery to automatically stop charging once the battery is full.

Starting at 4GB, microSDHC cards offer higher storage for more music, more videos, more pictures, more games - more of everything you need in today’s mobile world. The microSDHC card allows you to maximize today’s revolutionary mobile devices.

Genuine BlackBerry CS-2 battery great for users who use their phone extensively whilst out and about. Lets you keep talking and makes sure you don't miss important phone calls.

The Advanced Bluetooth Visor Car Kit is a high quality, simple installation Bluetooth car kit. Attached to the sun visor of your car, the Advanced Bluetooth Visor Car Kit offers clear unrivalled sound quality, whilst the microphone is positioned closer to your mouth (unlike in traditional dash mounted kits) for clear conversations.

Take life in your stride with the Nokia 3110 Classic. A beautiful 262,000 colour display & 1.3 mega-pixel camera shows the world how its meant to be. Capture video and share the the moment with MMS messaging. Hi-speed USB connectivity lets you copy your music, videos and photos in an instant to carry in your pocket. Increased battery life keeps the Nokia 3110 Classic in-step with your life. Made from robust materials, designed to be dependable, with easy-to-use everyday functionality.

A classic, elegant, and user-friendly handset that helps you stay in touch with those close to you. Whether you're home or away, the Nokia 3120 classic has all the features you need to stay connected.

Designed for durability. With a rugged external shell, toughened rubber keys, VGA camera & Bluetooth, the Samsung Solid is designed for serious use.

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