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Home and Garden Gifts voucher codes

Just paste the Discount Code in the voucher redeem area on the Home and Garden Gifts website to get money off from your order. Hurry up, these deals expire the latest on 10/31/2009:

Bravo Delta models will bring history to your home. Take a look at our stunning range of hand-made, hand-painted scale models of planes from throughout history, starting at WW1 & WW2 military aircraft right the way through to the commercial planes used today!

Bravo Delta even produce models of the record-breaking Bluebird car and boat. With a stunning range of supersonic jets, bi-wing planes, RAF training planes, US Air Force Flying Fortresses and contemporary Commercial Planes like the Virgin Atlantic Birthday Girl, these products are sure to please every plane enthusiast.

Each Bravo Delta model is of museum quality, made from kiln-dried mahogany, jointed and sanded by hand. They are then hand-painted with incredible attention to detail with up to 36 coats of enamel applied to each model to give a truly stunning finish. All Bravo Delta models are provided with an elegant stand so you can display them with pride.

The Fun Pod allows toddlers from around the age of one (once they can stand unaided) to four years old to work alongside you in the kitchen in a stand alone unit that keeps them safe and secure.

As an award-winning piece of kit, the Fun Pod has all the hallmarks of ingenious design and practical value. The pod can grow with your little one as it has an adjustable height, and can be converted into a stand alone worktop unit when not in use.

The Fun Pod is easy to clean, which is obviously an essential when there are little hands and food around! It also has idiot-proof construction design (it only has 7 wooden pieces and 24 screws), so even the least-practically minded of parents will have no trouble in putting it together!

To make it handier, the Fun Pod can also be converted into an extra worktop space using the worktop accessory, making it ideal for smaller kitchens.

The Worktop (made from 40mm beech laminwood) just slots into the top of the Fun Pod so you can create extra worktop space or a handy extra chopping board in an instant! If you'd like to order one at the same time as your Fun Pod, just add the worktop option above to your order.

An invaluable aide for safely encouraging your child's interest in food and healthy eating while allowing you to bond, the Fun Pod really is the last word in kitchen safety for parents and carers! To make the Fun Pod extra special, you can also order a personalised name tag for your unit.

Treat the film buff in your life to one of these highly collectible Film Cells. Each item feature cells of hand-selected original 35mm film, mounted with photo(s) in high quality wooden frames.

Their wide range includes film cells from all your favourite Movies, Music, Celebrities, Actors and more - as far as film, music and celebrity memorabilia goes, they've got it all. The majority of these film cells are limited editions, so are subject to availability.

Their wide range of cells include Singles, Doubles, Triples, Mini Cells, Mini Montages and Large Montages for the real fan! They have a massive selection of action film cells, adventure film cells, animated film cells, comedy film cells, horror film cells, musical, thriller and war film cells that will make the perfect gift for any movie buff.

Each film cell is professionally presented, meaning you don't have to look too hard to find the ideal birthday gift, Fathers' day gift, Valentine's day gift or anniversary gift, to commemorate the first film you saw together, or simply your partner's favourite film.

Legendary jockey John Francome invites you to enjoy the Sport of Kings in the comfort of your own home.

Feel the adrenalin-charged excitement and pulsating drama of 16 new real-life and entertaining races as you wager thousands without losing a ‘king’s ransom’.Each player is given a gambling float of £6,000.

John Francome will give you some useful hints and tips to help you make as much money as possible in your quest to beat the bookie! Before getting ‘under starters orders’ take time to study the form, check the odds or use your own unique proven formula of gut instinct, favourite colours or names before placing your bets.

Contents: DVD game, Instructions booklet, over £80,000 of race day money, Betting slips, Wipe clean bookmakers slate, Wipe clean pen, Pencils.

Educational Toys are brilliant fun for kids of all ages, as well as helping them learn by stealth. Ant farms are an age-old classic that has been updated using NASA space technology no less!

The new Antworks ant farm can also be illuminated with an eerie blue light. If a space age ant farm is not to your taste, you can still get original ant farms that use sand. If you're looking for a directly informative toy, try theie Fact Finders that combine bright and useful designs with information that will help your child with school work. Choose from prehistoric, world and UK and Europe Fact Finders.

For a more 3D prehistoric experience, try their Aquasaurs. Aquasaurs have been around for a lot longer than the internet! They are a crustacean known as the 'dinosaur shrimp'. The key thing about Aquasaurs is that their eggs can lie dormant for years and only hatch when they come into contact with water. Just add the eggs (around 50 are supplied) and wait for your own prehistoric creatures to hatch!

With the smoking ban getting on for a year old now we can all appreciate the warmth of a patio heater when forced to go outside and smoke, or when having to choose between sitting on your own while your friends go out to smoke and going out to join them.

At Home and Garden Gifts, they have an exceptional range of exclusive patio heaters to keep you warm while entertaining in the evenings. They´re particularly excited about their new selection of unique free standing patio heaters from Enders.

The Rattan finish heater is the first to be designed to match wicker patio furniture. Enders patio heaters are designed for maximum performance and quality. Their three new Enders patio heaters all come equipped with a high-performance stainless steel burner, which has a thermoelectric safety pilot that interrupts the gas flow when the flame goes out for any reason.

They all also offer piezo ignition, meaning that they can be started up at the push of a button. There are three finishes to choose from: Rattan, Wood, and Trendstyle. They also have a Stainless Steel patio heater from Gablemere which can be used both inside and out (for a conservatory, home office, or patio).

Their luxurious selections of bath and body products make brilliant gifts for that someone special in your life. From Hot Rocks to Chocolate Bathing Chunks, their products can make pampering yourself or your partner a sensual and fun experience. Their special gift packs are tailored to suit all budgets and tastes. Each and every one oozes a sense of sumptuousness – from the Spicy Orange Soap to the Kemp Aromatherapy Complete Facial Gift Pack – choose from a popular range of natural products that show you care.

Description This gift entitles the recipient to have a vine dedicated to you at a well respected British vineyard. Upon registration they will be sent a confirmation certificate along with a Vineyard Privilege Card. This privilege card is valid for 12 months and entitles them to: • A vineyard tour • 10% discount at the Vineyard shop • Attend the grape picking harvest • Wine sampling at the vineyard

A swimming pool is the ideal place to be on a hot summer's day, particularly when you've got some of our Floating Comfort products to hand! Laze away an afternoon while lounging on the floating sun lounger, or read a book in the floating chair, or just doze off in one of our range of floating hammocks. If you're feeling especially relaxed, why not save yourself repeated trips in search of drinks by using the floating cooler to keep your wine/beer/soft drinks cold and refreshing

Description: Brighton from Eurovudas Log Cabin comes complete with an interlocking floor and simple assembly instructions. The wall, floor and roof boards are untreated. All Eurovudas Log Cabins are delivered ready to be assembled. You will be contacted about the delivery date. Eurovudas request that a minimum of two able-bodied persons are present to assist with the off-loading, on the day of delivery.

Dotty House Canvasses are the perfect gift for your child´s birthday, or just as a bedroom decoration. With 12 vivid designs to choose from, each being personalisable, there are designs for boys and girls of all ages! Each canvas is hand finished and measures 20" x 20" x 3.5cm deep. They are gallery wrapped canvasses with no visible tacks. The personalisation appears on the canvas in glitter effect writing.

Check out this product: Discovery Deluxe Barbecue by BeefEater Brand/Supplier: BeefEater Description: BeefEater Discovery Deluxe Barbecue

Check out this product: Discovery Deluxe Barbecue by BeefEater Brand/Supplier: BeefEater Description: BeefEater Discovery Deluxe Barbecue

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