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Books for Children Direct Sale

About BFC Direct

Books for Children Direct is the website that caters for your family from birth to pre-school, and then up to early teens. BFC Direct features the best new and classic children's books at massive discounts - all delivered to your door. Books For Children Direct is part of BCA, which works closely with publishers and international colleagues to offer customers the best possible selection of superb books, products and services at outstanding value for money.

Check out some of the latest deals, save up to 83% off:

Compiled by the internationally acclaimed Centre for Language in Primary Education, this set of 6 fantastic easy-to-read books offer four levels for children and parents to share: 2-4, 3-5, 4-6, 5-7. Reading Together is a high-quality, learn-to-read series in four levels for children and parents to share. Each book in the series contains its own set of lively support notes and suggestions for follow up activities.

Titles include:
The Enormous Turnip
A Friend for Little Bear
No! Said Joe
The Other Day I Met a Bear
Tiger & Jackal
Zed's Bread
Forget S Club Seven!
The Verity Lang Academy for the Performing Arts is a world-famous boarding school for talented young entertainers. Six teenage friends from diverse backgrounds who attend the school form the up and coming band Lucky Six.
After somebody tries to sabotage the band's big performance at the academy's summer showcase, Lucky Six get a taste for sleuthing and put their teamwork skills to the test time and time again as they get to grips with a range of exciting mysteries.
They'll Go for Greens!

Take one seven-year-old boy named Freddie and his mother as they face the challenge of turning him from a vegetable-phobic into a boy who will eat and even enjoy some of life's leafier pleasures. 'Join us as we work through the A to Z of vegetables' are the opening words of a blog started by Charlotte Hume after another dinner table drama involving her seven-year-old son and peas. She called it the Great Big Vegetable Challenge.

The plan was simple - to introduce him to vegetables cooked in a variety of original and tempting ways and post the results on her blog. From artichokes to zucchinis, broad beans to yams, every aspect of this family vegetable adventure is lovingly chronicled.

As well as being highly practical containing over 100 delicious child-friendly recipes, this fully illustrated book is also the funny and touching story of how a mother changed her son's eating habits for good.
Nature comes alive in this magical collection

Jenny Nimmo is a master storyteller, and hours of enchantment await voracious young readers of her new collection. Full of magic and wonder, these five beautifully illustrated books will fire the imagination of boys and girls alike. The Owl Tree won the Smarties Book Prize Gold Award.

Tom and the Pterosaur: Tom Tuttle discovers something amazing in his neighbour's garden, but will anyone believe him?

Dog Star: Will the Dog Star she glimpses one frosty night bring Marty and her family the happiness they long for?

The Owl Tree: Huge and leafy, the owl-tree is not like any other tree Joe has ever seen. Can Joe save it from Granny Diamond's neighbour?

The Stone Mouse: Is it a real mouse, or just a dirty old pebble? Elly's brother Ted is angry with it anyhow, and that spells trouble.

The Night of the Unicorn: Anything might happen after the night a magic horse appears out of a sky full of shooting stars.
Prehistoric monsters brought to life!

The third and final volume of the bestselling pop-up Encylopedia Prehistorica series tackles the furry titans of the ancient world.

35 hair-raising and fiendishly intricate pop-ups will surprise, scare and intrigue you. Fearsome sabre-toothed cats! Bears taller than basketball hoops! And everyone's favourite Ice Age giant, the woolly mammoth! See them all come to life through the amazing imagery and superb pop-ups. Full of captivating facts, this is the ultimate book for monster-lovers to tear into!

The book is eye-catching, informative and fascinatingly realistic. Amazing pop-ups feature on every page. Appealing to both girls and boys, it would make a fantastic gift for any child!

A sequel to the mega-selling Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Dinosaurs and Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Sharks and Other Sea Monsters.

Robert Sabuda is a renowned picturebook creator. Beginning his career by illustrating co louring books, he now makes amazingly inventive pop-ups. Matthew Reinhart is an illustrator and pop-up picturebook maker. They both live in New York.
Dishing the Dirt!

Robin Hood and other robbers of the copse: Hear tales that turned Will Scarlet and gave Much happiness, and learn about the archer who painted the town red - in green!

Julius Caesar and his friends, Romans and countrymen: Read about the rise and fall of Caesar, from a powerful Roman dictator to a salad dressing. Was he a hero, a zero or a pain in the rear-o like Nero?

William Shakespeare and other Elizabethans from around the Globe: Discover the whys, whens and wherefore art thous of the life of the great bard.

Tutankhamen and other Mummy's boys: Lift the lid on Tutankhamen's coffin, take a mummy-making masterclass and discover the pharaoh's pyramid of power!

Charles Darwin and a selection of others (naturally): Learn how a would-be preacher made a monkey of everyone, how evolution caused a revolution, and how his missing links created stinks!

Albert Einstein and other clever clogs (relatively speaking ): Read how an absent-minded patent clerk became a violin-playing genius
The Magic Behind The Magic

Discover the genius behind the world of Narnia and how it was brought to the big screen in this lavish art book produced by the films' own special effects studio. Written and designed by the artists of Academy Award winning
special effects house the
WETA Workshop.

Chuck out your TV!
Kids will never be bored again - with this diverting set from the ingenious Alan Snow.

If you want your kids to drop the remote control or games console, give them these Wacky Guides to Paper Fun, Outdoor Fun, Food Fun, Magic Fun, Number Puzzles and Word Puzzles. They won't have a bored moment!

With Alan Snow's help, kids can learn to make almost anything with paper, discover things todo outside whatever the weather, how to play with their food (in a parent-sanctioned fashion) and how to amaze and impress their friends with magic - as well as solve number and word puzzles. Perfect for the holidays, these books are wacky, witty and will provide hours of entertainment. The activities are ingenious and original, and can be done by one child or a whole gang. Parental supervision is occasionally required, but step-by-step instructions and illustrations mean that kids can do most of the activities without an adult present.

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