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Fitness Options deals of the Month

Fitness Options, the fitness equipment specialist boasting Europe’s largest fitness equipment showroom. Their new and exciting online store is packed full of the latest fitness equipment on the market today. Some exclusive to Fitness Options. You may be thinking of setting up a home or corporate gym, achieving a specific goal such as cardiovascular fitness, strength, bodybuilding or weight loss. Whatever your fitness requirements they can fulfil them.

Fitness Options Special Offers:

The Oemmebi Multi Stylus gym is compact enough for most homes, stylish and beautiful to look at but more importantly performs like the equipment you use in health clubs. Made in Italy by the highly respected Oemmebi Company, this gym sets new standards in design, function and individuality, redefining the philosophy of the home gym. The result is the perfect workout, as every movement is bio-mechanically correct and instinctive. Every part of this gym is built with full commercial components, exactly replicating the health club experience.

No other home gym can make this boast.
• Cam devices for even resistance and correct biomechanics
• Yellow aided adjustment devices: Safe and easy to use
• Ergonomic and comfortable upholstery, available in five different colours
• 100kg Rubber weight stack for ultra smooth movements during exercises

If you put a premium on space in your home, but you also want a gym quality workout, this machine is for you. It incorporates many unique features including the dual-pivot Pec Dec. This allows complete freedom of movement, just the way a dumbell would. You can customise your machine with weight stacks that can be fitted on either side of the machine. The press arm has multiple grip positions and 11 different starting positions. Add seat and backrest adjustments and the result is an exact fit on over 30 different strength exercises. Optional Leg Press available

Ring store for details.
• 95kg (200lb) Weight Stack
• Either Side Weight Stack Position
• Dual Pivot Pec Deck• Multi Position/Multi Grip Bench Press
• Seat Adjustments
• Backrest Adjustments
• Size L x 170cm W x 117cm H x 211cm

The Inspire M1 multi gym is their entry-level gym, but one look at it and you will see that it anything but entry level. The M1 is built using the same commercial grade frame and parts that their higher series gyms are made of. High quality 11 gauge steel frame, solid guide rods, nylon pulleys, heavy-duty canvas weight shrouds and precision ball bearings in its press arm pivot. This is a very user-friendly gym with intuitive adjustments and superior comfort all due to its high quality Naugahyde pads and bio-mechanically correct angles.

Built for everyone, from the casual user to the passionate weight lifter.
• 68kg (150lb) Weight Stack
• Space Saving Design
• Canvas Weight Stack Shroud
• Fixed and Free Inward-movement Press Station
• 50% Resistance at Mid and Low Pulleys for Functional Training Exercises
• Full Colour Laminated Wall Chart
• Accessory Straps And Bars
• Size L x 183cm W x 122cm H x 198cm

If you are looking for a serious multi gym that looks good and provides facilities found usually only on more premier models, then the Marcy MP2106 fits the bill. Everything is adjustable from the chest press arm to the backrest and seat pads, so you can tailor the gym to your individual needs. The butterfly arms provide a full range of motion while the lat pulldown, leg developer, seated row with foot brace and abdominal crunch ensures you get a full body workout. The 65kg weight stack provides a massive 92kg of resistance.

Accessories include tricep bar, ankle strap and abdominal crunch strap.
• 65kg (143lb) Weight Stack Providing a maximum 92kg (202lb) Resistance
• Adjustable Chest Press With Multi Position Hand Grips
• Full Range Of Motion Butterfly
• Adjustable Seat
• Adjustable Backrest
• Exercise Charts
• Size L x 176cm W x 155cm H x 204cm

The Marcy WM1509 is a compact and stylish multi gym featuring dual function press arms, which achieve all pressing exercises as well as an integrated pec deck. In addition there's a leg developer, preacher curl pad, lat pull down bar and high and low pulleys. The WM1509 features a 45kg weight stack with shrouds for added safety and sealed bearing pulleys for a smooth action.

Includes straight bar and ankle strap.
• 45kg (100lb) Weight Stack
• Dual Function Chest Press/Pec Deck
• Adjustable Arm Curl Pad
• Oversized Roller Pads
• Sealed Ball Bearing Pulleys
• Size L x 160cm W x 110cm H x 209cm

Freestanding tower used to perform chin-ups, pull-ups, vertical knee raise (VKR), dips and press-ups. One-sided design means this item can be placed next to a wall and does not need to be situated in the middle of your workout area.

The Marcy SM4000 is an extremely robust machine for the serious home gym. The frame structure features a 7 degree slant designed to accommodate the natural movement of the body. The Smith machine features pec deck, foot brace for seated row, 6 Olympic plate storage pegs, lat bar, tricep rope, shiver bar, ankle strap, single handle and chrome V bar.

Also includes separate utility bench with arm curl pad and leg developer.
• Size L x 175cm W x 198cm H x 210cm

If you desire a rugged bench suitable for both Olympic and standard weight kits and provides an array of facilities for the serious trainer then the Marcy MCB5702 is ideal. The MCB5702 is certainly noteworthy for it's adaptability, with adjustable barbell supports, adjustable angle height seat and adjustable backrest pad capable of flat, incline and decline positions.

The MCB5702 also includes leg developer and arm curl attachments, storage posts and Olympic adaptor sleeves.
• Size L x 181cm W x 102cm H x 113cm

The Marcy MCB 568 bench is quite a looker with its dazzling blue/silver boxed stitched upholstery and its adjustable chrome barbell rest. With its many adjustments it is designed to accommodate most users. Both backrest and seat adjust, as does the height of the leg unit and preacher curl.

When not in use the preacher can be placed in its storage post.
• Size L x 199cm W x 103cm H x 129cm

The Marcy MFB400 is the ideal weight bench for those with limited space. This versatile bench features multi position backrest, barbell supports with safety hooks, butterfly arms and leg developer.

It also folds away when not in use for easy storage
• Standard width barbell bench.
• 3 Position adjustable backrest for flat and incline positions
• Barbell securing safety hooks.
• Padded upholstery.
• Folding design

The Johnson W8000 rower is a quality air resistance rower fitted with a Hybrid Brake System, which offers 15 additional levels of intensity. The foot pedals are fully adjustable and the wide seat runs smoothly along its monorail. The large LCD console has a Training and Race program and displays time, distance, SPM, stroke, calories, pace, watts and heart rate.

Durable wheels result in easy transportation.
• Size L x 267cm W x 56cm H x 119cm
• Variable Air Resistance
• Additional Braking Resistance Mechanism
• 15 Resistance Levels
• Telemetric Heart Rate Monitoring - chest belt optional
• Calibrated For Speed and Distance

The MyRower E1 rowing machine offers an all-body workout and features a performance monitor to help you track your exercise session. Designed with a water resistance mechanism to feel exactly like the real thing it is ideal for all levels of fitness and is easy to manoeuvre and store.

The Isis rower from Kettler is a great value rower featuring a manual, silent magnetic brake system with 8 resistance levels. The rowing action uses a central pulley system more often seen on more expensive rowers. The LCD console is has a perfect viewing position and displays time, strokes and calories.

When not in use the rowers aluminium frame folds away.
- Folding
- Non Programmable
- Magnetic Resistance
- 8 Resistance Levels
- User Weight 120kg (19 stone)
- Size L x 203.5cm W x 54cm H x 94.5cm
- Size Folded L x 100cm W x 54cm H x 140cm

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