Monday, November 2, 2009

Garden Bird Supplies Sale

About Garden Bird Supplies
Garden Bird Supplies is one of the UK's largest specialist supplier of wild bird-related products by mail order. They have by far the widest range of quality foods, feeders, nest boxes and accessories, all tested for safety and effectiveness, including its own trademarked "Ultiva" range, which is made to a secret recipe.

Save up to 53% with Garden Bird Supplies:

Keep your options open with our Trio Bird Nest Box. With one of the top panels in place it's a 25mm or 32mm hole box - unscrew the panel and its an open box ideal for robins, spotted flycatchers and pied wagtails!
70 minutes of crystal clear recordings from the edge of English woodland. During this daily rite of spring, the songs of many species harmonise into one glorious ensemble. Relax as you listen to the subtle interplay of voices and slow evolution of themes that open a day in the countryside.
This heavy duty squirrel resistant feeder features steel feeding ports, cap and base and a super tough polycarbonate feeding tube:
- 4 ports allow access for a number of birds at once - Can be dismantled for easy cleaning - 13" tall, it holds 500g of food
Beautifully engineered from polished 100% stainless steel throughout, almost impregnable to squirrels and impervious to corrosion, the Supreme will repay your investment for years to come. Complete with steel 'hawser'- type hanger, the Supreme also features a mesh, self-cleaning base, 6 perches and a lock-down lid for added security.
This stunning, gothic-inspired table is sure to make a striking focal point for any bird garden. Hand-made from pine and cedar, the table is topped with an attractive verdigris copper roof. The alternating 'doors and windows' design creates an ideal combination of easy access for the birds and excellent weather protection. The table is over 20" tall with a 12" diameter base and comes complete with a matching wooden wall-mounting bracket to which the table simply bolts. Available in classic Exterior White or Antique Brown
The Lantern is ideal for smaller gardens or less busy feeding sites. Made from sturdy plastic, it has 6 feeding ports with an all-round perch and comes complete with hanging cord (you can also mount it on any 3x4" pole - not supplied).

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