Saturday, November 7, 2009

Get €1 credit from gimigames - play with real players

About gimigames
gimigames are exciting online games with live players from all over the world

  • Money Memo
Train your brain with the classic memory game! Find the picture pairs... faster than the other players!
This memory game classic is about finding the same two pictures. You can turn over two cards at a time. If you've found two of the same picture, the cards stay facing up. If not, they flip back over again.

Get €1 credit from gimigames - Train your brain with Money Memo, play with real players
  • Captain Math
Put your logic to the test. Solve the equation by adding the missing mathematical sign!
This is how math is fun: you insert plus, minus, times or divided by into easy equations. Just choose the correct mathematical sign and win. An incorrect answer is ok too, by the way.

Get €1 credit from gimigames - Put your logic to test with Captain Math, play with real players
  • Words Millionaire:
Let your lingo loose! In this word search, you have to quickly find the hidden word in the grid of letters. Click and drag on the word with your mouse to mark your answer and win! Only the fastest go on to the next round!

Get €1 credit from gimigames - Play the famous word puzzle Words Millionaire with real players online
  • Super Sudoku:
The popular game in a new edition. Play Super Sudoku now with lots of other players at the same time!The new edition of the well known Sudoku game is about placing the given number in the correct position on the grid. Keep in mind that according to Sudoku rules, the number can't already be in the same row, column, or 3×3 block. As always, the aim of the game is to be faster than everyone else. Good luck!

Get: €1 credit from gimigames - Play Sudoku online with real players
  • Mahjong-Fever
Play the classic Chinese game gimigames-style! Find the matching tiles and collect points!
Mahjong Fever is about finding matching tiles and collecting points. The amount of points you need for winning the round is displayed next to the game. Good luck!

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