Friday, November 6, 2009

Save up to 20% off with Red Letter Days - Driving Days Experiences

Give your favourite car fanatic an amazing driving day experience to remember with a high octane motorsport day. Their adrenaline-fuelled range of driving days and driving experiences feature everything from Ferrari driving to Rally driving. Experience the mind-blowing power and acceleration of the world's greatest sports cars from Aston Martin, Lotus, Lamborghini and more. Make dreams come true with their driving days available at famous race tracks throughout the UK for the ultimate driving experience.

Test your nerve and co-ordination by steering a dumper truck around a specially-designed course in this out of the ordinary driving experience. After a safety briefing you'll be introduced to your earth-moving truck for some training. The dumper is a hefty four wheel drive, go anywhere vehicle, weighing in at over a tonne. Despite its weight, you'll be surprised just how agile and nippy this huge vehicle is. You'll race your dumper around a pre-determined course, aiming to beat the other drivers and avoid penalties. Then the fastest drivers go head to head in the final for a goodie bag prize including, of course, a baseball cap! Roll up your sleeves and beat the opposition.
The ultimate sports car battle between Maranello's breathtaking Ferrari and the luscious Porsche Cayman. Ever since the first sports car hit the road, these two great beauties have been competing. Now you can make your choice taking both out onto the UK's fastest circuit. After a safety briefing, you'll head out with your instructor for three training laps in a Mazda 3 MPS. Then it's a dream sports car moment with four thrilling laps in the Porsche followed by the magic of the Ferrari 355 on four awe inspiring laps. Finish the perfect driving day with a high speed passenger ride in a Mazda RX8.
Get ready for the awesome power and sheer ferocious speed of the glorious Lamborghini! Named after a breed of fighting bull, this incredible machine can go from 0 to 60mph in just over four seconds and has an earth shattering top speed of 192mph. Kicking off with a short briefing, you'll receive two or three demonstration laps in a hot hatch before sliding into the stunning interior of this motoring sensation, ready for your four laps of pure driving heaven. You'll drive the car for over seven glorious miles and cap this perfect day with a certificate of your driving excellence!
Hamilton, Button and Schumacher are the true geniuses of the racing track. Enjoy a moment of their magic and drive an F1 style single seater racing car. After a safety briefing, you're strapped into the open cockpit and only inches off the ground, you'll feel every bump and vibration. At selected locations you'll warm up in a race-prepared sports saloon or sports car with your instructor, before taking your place ready for your solo ride. These machines react to every tiny adjustment you make and with a thrilling white knuckle high-speed passenger ride to finish, this is driving at its limits.
Everyone at one time has imagined themselves playing it suave, sophisticated, charming, with a beautiful sports car at their disposal. Why not buy into that dream and enjoy the driving sensation of an Aston Martin. This car has incredible pace, superb handling and a flawless design. Feast your eyes on the V8 Vantage; a beautifully crafted modern classic and a joy to get behind the wheel of. This 4.3 litre 380bhp beast is truly one of the world's most iconic sports cars. You'll be buzzing from the sheer adrenaline of having driven a car most people only see in the movies.

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