Friday, November 6, 2009

Save up to 50% off with Red Letter Days - Adventure Days Experiences

Perfect adventure days and adrenaline challenges for daredevils everywhere. Their action-packed adventure gift experiences include the chance to defy gravity with skydiving or bungee jumping, tackle the elements with a white water rafting adventure gift, or for a unique adventure day, even discover what it's like to roll down a hill in a giant plastic orb! For a gift to remember, their adventure days are ideal for anyone who is up for a fun filled adrenaline challenge!
Get ready for the wet and windy while speeding round the south coast in a powerboat that will completely blow you away. These boats are exhilarating and so fast that they can fly over the surface. After a safety briefing and quick change into your cool racing gear, it's straight out onto the water with an expert racer to put the boat through its paces while you hang on tight. After a demonstration of wave jumping, high speed cornering and racing lines, it's time for you to fly solo and take the wheel. The boat operates within Southampton Water and, weather permitting, out onto the Solent.

Rediscover your sense of adventure (and what it's like to be soaked to the skin!) with this white water rafting experience in an inflatable six to eight person raft. You'll start by being kitted out with all the equipment (note: this is not an experience for the style-conscious!), before a full safety briefing and instruction in rafting techniques. Then an experienced guide will take you onto the water for a series of runs down the breathtaking twists, turns and drops of the white water course. Depending on which venue you choose you'll be rafting either on a mighty natural river or a thrilling purpose-built course - either way, it's an adrenaline-fuelled, exhilarating and unforgettable experience.

What's not to love about climbing 165 feet to the top of a crane, tying a bit of elastic round your ankles, and jumping off the edge! For adrenaline junkies, this is pure unadulterated bliss. Once your safety harness is on you'll hop in the crane lift and rise to about 170 feet. After a few words of encouragement, it's bungee time! You'll hurtle towards the ground at breathtaking speed before springing back skywards on the elasticated rope. After a few more bounces, you'll be gently lowered back to solid ground again and if you want a dvd of your jump you can buy one for around £13.

Your experience starts with a full briefing before you split into groups to learn how to fire automatic pistols and sniper rifles using airsoft machine guns and high-powered air rifles. Next try your hand at axe-throwing, unarmed combat and escape techniques. Learn how to conceal covert surveillance cameras, transmitting bugs and listening devices, then take part in a shoot-out and learn contact drills using a high-tech laser combat system. All instructors are highly experienced in carrying out surveillance operations across the globe, and will be on hand throughout. Please be aware that no live ammunition or weapons are used in any of the activities, in order to fully comply with current legislation. The full range of equipment used includes a combination of airsoft, air rifles, replica and laser guns.

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