Friday, November 6, 2009

Save up to 50% off with Red Letter Days - Lifestyle Experiences

Give someone the opportunity to explore a new direction or fulfil a lifelong ambition with their inspiring range of lifestyle experiences and hobby experiences. Make them famous for a day at a professional recording studio, let them discover what it's like to run away and join the circus, or give them the opportunity to work with a master potter at the legendary Wedgwood factory. Grasp the opportunity to learn a new hobby or skill with their lifestyle gifts.
We all do it - belt out hits in the shower, sing along to the radio with a hairbrush for a mic. With this experience you'll get to take your talent out of the shower and into the studio. (Actually it's not just for singers - this experience is also perfect for musicians who'd like to record a piece). Come along to the session having rehearsed your song or piece, and after a run-through you'll make three recordings. A session engineer and studio staff will guide you through the process, giving you expert advice and tips on how to get the best from your voice (and they'll be a lot more friendly than Simon Cowell). You'll also get a feel for what happens behind the scenes in the music industry - and maybe get to hear some stories about the stars. You can also bring along guests to act as groupies! Then choose your best performance from the session and take it home either on a minidisc, a CD or two chrome cassettes with personalised labels. Who knows - maybe you've got the X factor?
Sushi is fresh, healthy, tasty and trendy. But hardly anyone tries to make it at home - because surely something which looks and tastes so beautiful must really be difficult to create? Not so. With this experience you'll learn a lot - all about the different types of sushi, fish, rice and vegetable ingredients, as well as tips on how to make it yourself at home. It's run by the experts at YO! Sushi, who enjoy what they do and help make your experience great fun. Your class will start off with a talk on the history of sushi before watching a demonstration by a top YO! chef. Then it's your turn to try it for yourself, preparing three different types of sushi, with the expert advice and help of the chef who remains on hand should you need assistance. You'll learn and then enjoy a special YO! bento box (because you're bound to be hungry with all the sumptuous food around). You'll even take home a sushi rolling mat - essential for your new hobby as a home sushi chef!
This value-packed annual membership, in association with, is the most talked-about UK wide theatre club today. Join up and you'll receive not just ongoing exclusive offers throughout your membership, but a completely free top-priced ticket to a West End show - worth up to £60! Other fabulous benefits include exclusive West End and regional theatre discounts, VIP competitions, 'meet the cast' show nights, backstage video tours and celebrity interviews. Additionally there are members-only discounts to restaurants, hotels and leading UK attractions, as well as all the other exciting benefits of this backstage pass into the world of theatre. Offers are kept up to date and are always changing, so when you redeem your free ticket please check the latest availability online to ensure you get the very best deal. Your personal account will be set up and an online welcome pack issued within a few days of booking.

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