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New shop on Deals Network - Lights4Fun

About Lights4fun

Lights4fun provide you directly with a large choice of high quality decorative lighting products at prices which exclude the 'middleman'. Their connectable LED lighting systems have won praise from customers and the trade alike. They have a full range of festive and party lighting designed for indoor, outdoor - or both. They strive to provide their customers with high quality products, with value for money and with great service.

Lights4fun is synonymous with high quality fairy lights. They originally specialised in connectable outdoor Christmas lights, (both traditional and LED) but now offer you an extensive range of indoor low-voltage LED fairy lights and battery LED fairy lights for weddings, parties and any occasion where power is not readily available. Many of their  products are designed for permanent outdoor use - so they only need to be installed once and then used when required.

No need for cables, plugs, batteries or electricity, simply positon your solar brick lights wherever you want in gravel, or around your garden or driveway and they will create a unique atmosphere. Professional looking lighting with minimal fuss and no installation fees.

This small solar brick has 1bright white LED bulb which illuminates automatically as the sun goes down. It works even on a dull day - which is a real challenge for any solar product in the UK. Being a heavy weight item you will have peace of mind that this is a quality product not easily damaged. Leave it out all year round and on a day with some reasonable sunshine it will work brilliantly

With a full 8 hours charge in direct sunlight this garden path light will give 6 hours plus illumination, so perfect if you're entertaining guests. They will illumiate paths, steps, driveways and gardens. 

Being LED these fairy lights are bright enough to be seen during the day or in the evening. They are 3 times as bright as normal fairy lights. They will enhance any Wedding or Christmas decoration where power is not available. Stunning as a table decoration perhaps arranged with twigs, pebbles or pine cones. The white coloured 8 function controller is small enough to easily conceal.

These LED battery fairy lights are a creative alternative to candles and are so much safer. (Many famous hotels around the world have chosen this product) The LED bulbs always stay cool to the touch and never get hot. At only 4.5v they can be safely used anywhere in the home – even as a night light. 

Something for the girls. Giving a subtle fuchsia glow these pink heart shaped lights look chic and stunning. Ideal for draping round bed frames, mirrors, little glass vases and other areas of the bedroom. Surprise your partner with these pink fairy lights this Valentines Day! Perfect to leave unattended, with the confidence that these are being powered by standard 'AA' batteries. These LED fairy lights stay cool to the touch and never get hot, so perfect for use in fabrics, flowers and around your furniture. Also with no mains power they are 100% safe around pets and your loved ones.

These don't just have to be for Valentines Day, use them to create table displays, work into floral arrangements or just use around glass beads, the versatility of these battery lights means they can be placed virtually anywhere your imagination will let you. Use for events, parties, weddings and Christmas time, the flexibility of these lights make them a perfect choice.

Create a stunning backdrop to your party or home with this Blue & White beaded LED curtain light. Elegant and simple it has over 300 LED bulbs that will sparkle and twinkle with the clear beads. Placed against a wall, in a window or as a backdrop in your home this LED curtain light will look stylish and sophisticated.
Whether you're planning a White Winter Wedding, or just want to decorate your home this Christmas, with this1.8m beaded curtain light, your guests can't fail to be impressed. The LED bulbs stay cool to the touch and are ideal for placing around your home.
Add the sparkle and quality to your garden or event. Designed for professional use these LED net lights are the most stunning net lights you will see. Offered in classic LED brilliant white, these will glisten across your lawn on a cool Christmas Eve or warm summer night. They don't have to be just for Christmas, designed to stay outdoors all year round, you can enjoy these lights throughout the seasons and have the confidence that they will work time and time again. Gain the most effect with these net lights by placing on hedges, fencing, ceilings, walls and inside pergolas, but whatever you need them for remember that these net lights connect with any other product in our TYPE C range.
Indoor Net lights 2m x 2m with 144 Warm White LED bulbs. This net light will enhance your home with its delicate white cable and its' multi action controller to create effects with the lights from static to chase.

Manufactured with a 24v transformer which can be positioned up to 5metres away , they are great for a window or wall display. Look superb at Christmas, weddings or parties or just to make a bedroom look great all year round. Being 24v you can rest assured that your family and loved ones are protected from the risk of electric shock.

The LED bulbs will always stay cool to the touch and never get hot so they are ideal and safe for indoor use near fabrics and furniture. The bulbs are designed to last a very long time and use 90% less electricity than older fairy lights so you can enjoy the effect and feel good about energy cost . Subtle, safe, sophisticated lighting.

Create the perfect party entrance with these warm white LED indoor curtain lights. They bring the warmth of traditional fairy lights with the all benefit of LED. Ideal to hang from curtain rails, interior walls, or the ideal solution to creating a spectacular window display, creating a sparkle of light against a low lit space, enticing guests or onlookers within your transformed event or home. Best of all they are simple to arrange which means less hassle for you!

With their delicate indoor white cable and their soft warm white bulbs these are the perfect addition to the interior walls of any marquee, whether it be a wedding, charity event or a loved ones party.

It has 75 beautiful bright Blue and 75 pure white LED bulbs interwoven into 16 different branches. (14 Branches have ten bulbs and two branches have 5 bulbs.) Each bulb branch is individually attached to make your own special shape & design possible. Each branch and strand is wrapped in white waterproofed material to enhance the design. The Blue & White LED lights are cool and trendy and offer a bright ice effect light.  

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