Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New shop on Deals Network - Walktall

About Walktall

Walktall is the UK's number 1 retailer of shoes in large sizes. Their goal is to bring you the best of the high street in hard to find sizes at competitive prices. They offer a diverse range of footwear, in sizes 12-17, from the world's biggest brands plus a great selection of tall fit clothing. 

Check out these deals with up to 57% off:

Ed Baxter relaxed fit, fashion 5 pocket, 38� long jean

Whether you"re squeaking around the court for the Newcastle Eagles in the BBL or playing one-on-one with a mate down at the park, Nike have every angle covered with their new range of basketball wear. From warm up to cool down this stylish, comfortable clothing will ensure that your gear makes you stand out even if your skills don"t.
All our caps have 360 degrees of versatility. You can wear them with the peak at the front - Babe Ruth stylee, to one side - East 17 stylee or round the back for that chavtastic look. If you"re really daring you can find a whole new angle and maybe start a new trend.
Some things are great when they"re fresh: milk, bread, vegetables, Meg Ryan etc. Many things however improve with age: wine, whiskey, cheese, Meg Ryan and of course Life and Limb garments. It doesn"t matter if they are crisp and clean looking or are washed to look aged, they will over time develop a look and feel of their own. If they are treated with the same love and care that the good people at Life and Limb put into all of their products, they will soon become a favourite and hardly ever get to see the inside of your wardrobe
There was a day when tall blokes like us had to wander around with our hems jangling around and our Argyles on show, only a sea-shanty short of a sailor. Thanks to Camel Active however we no longer need to. With inside leg measurements of 36� and 38� these ultra trendy slacks should cover the ankles of pretty much anyone.

These deals and many more deals from this shop or other shops can be found on Deals Network website.

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