Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New shop on Deals Network - Garden Bargains

About Garden Bargains

Lead The Good Life Ltd, t/as GardenBargains.com was launched in early 2008 and quickly established itself as one of the UK's leading horticultural retailers, selling live plants (including a large range of grow-your-own products) through their website and by mail order.  At Garden Bargains, their aim is to make 'grow-your-own' easy and enjoyable to the home gardener – both amateur and enthusiast – at cost-effective prices. They believe they have the best selection of seeds and plants available, including a fantastic range of vegetables and fruit-trees; as well as Mediterranean and other exotic flowers and architectural plants. Many of their products can also be grown in a small garden, on a patio or balcony!

Here are some great deals from Garden Bargains:

Perfect for your patio, terrace or garden, simply grow these established top quality trees and get BUMPER CROPS for DECADES TO COME !!

Britain has a wonderful climate for producing nuts and as they ripen during the late summer months they can be harvested and enjoyed through the rest of the year. This wonderful 3-tree collection has been specially chosen to provide you with a delicious variety of health-giving nuts that also makes a fascinating addition to any garden or patio.

Autumn is the perfect time for planting
Each tree is completely winter hardy
Easy to grow, long lived and very low maintenance
Supplied with full growing instructions

Complete with a removable cover with zipped front panel for easy access, it is ideal for any sheltered position including patios and balconies.

Made with sturdy steel supports it is easy to construct and can be moved anywhere on your patio. With 4 strong shelves at easy to reach heights you can now grow on your plants with them easier to maintain and keep an eye on than ever before!

Why not try this Casseille Berry – a unique cross between a blackcurrant and a gooseberry. The plant has leaves which resemble a gooseberry and fruit that looks like smooth, black gooseberries but shares the taste and exceptional vitamin content of tangy blackcurrants! Perfect for summer puddings, jellies, eating fresh and even wine-making!!

This plant is self fertile and heavy cropping with small green fruit that ripen to large, succulent berries that are ready to pick from mid to end July. In terms of care this plant should be grown in a free draining soil in a sunny location. Keep the plant well watered during summer but do not allow the soil to become waterlogged. The plant can be expected to grow to an eventual height and spread of 6ft x 3ft, if left unpruned.

They make attractive trees with good autumn colour and flowers tinged with pink. Fruits can reach up to 8-9cm across. They are vigorous trees and to crop at their best need an open sunny site although they will tolerate dappled shade. Flowers appear in late spring. Grow in moist free draining soil. These are self fertile so only one is needed to obtain fruit.

Now you can grow pounds and pounds of your own delicious currants with this great value for money bare root bush. The delicate pink berries grow in pendulous chains on a backdrop of attractive, lobed foliage. Perfect for summer puddings, jellies and even wine-making!!

This plant is particularly disease resistant and produces heavy crops of fruit that ripen from mid to late July. In terms of care this plant should be grown in a partially shaded location, ideally somewhere that they can benefit from the morning sun and be shaded from the hot midday sun in summer. For best results grow in a slightly heavier, clay based soil, although the plant will tolerate a wide range of soil types providing they are not salty or alkaline. The plant should be well watered during the summer as it fruits, but watering frequency can be reduced thereafter until the following season.

Dwarf fruit trees cater for these scenarios and are the perfect size for making easy pickings. They are heavy croppers and quickly become focal points when laden with fruit. You can expect up to 30-40 apricots on a single dwarf tree! Great in pots position them in a sunny sheltered spot and water regularly during the growing season.

These deals and many more deals from this shop or other shops can be found on Deals Network website.

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