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New shop on Deals Network - Gear 4 Music

About Gear4music

Gear4music was launched in 2003 by Red Submarine Limited, and has become one of the largest retailers of musical instruments and equipment in the UK, now having over 140,000 registered customers.

Their mission is simple: We want to make purchasing and owning musical instruments and equipment easy for everyone, by providing GREAT PRICES and EXCELLENT SERVICE.

They supply instruments and equipment by many of the industry's best known manufacturers at very competitive prices, as well as their own range of fantastic value Gear4music branded instruments. Unlike some other companies, they believe in providing you with the same high level of customer service whether you purchase from their shop in York or use their web site.

Here are some great offers from Gear4music with savings up to 64% off:

With up to 2 x 1100 watts into 2 Ohms and 2 x 800 watts into 4 Ohms the CP2200 is not only a perfect complement to many fullrange speaker cabinets, but also mid- and hifrequency components in larger concert-sound systems.

The CP2200 features the same complete protection package as all EV Precision Series amplifiers, which includes protection from excessive HF, DC fault , high  temperature, Back-EMF, as well as turn-on delay, and peak current and inrush current limiters.

In addition to rated output power, the CP2200 provides 30 percent more headroom for a wide dynamic range of music signals. The onboard dynamic limiter ensures that the output signal of the CP2200 will not exceed a THD of one percent up to an input signal of +21dBu. Detented level controls provide precise and repeatable settings. Front panel LEDs indicate signal present, zero dB, and limit. Paralleled male and female input XLRs allow for easy rack wiring.

The GyroLock is removable and can be attached in different configurations for unparalleled versatility.The tilters are available separately (TL2000) and more can be added to permit multiple cymbals and percussion to be mounted to the same stand!

Pearl?s new WingLoc WL-200 (Patent Pending) makes old fashion wingnuts a bleak memory with its snap on, snap off ease of use. Whereas traditional wingnuts have to be manually unscrewed or screwed tighter, the WingLoc just slides onto a cymbal holder and snaps together to hold the cymbal firmly in a matter of seconds. As well as being easier and quicker to use, the WingLoc also banishes into the past the usually problem of wingnuts flying off and being lost  and also does away with the need for plastic cymbal protection sleeves. NEW Knurled Tilter Cymbal Post ? Allows versatile mounting of cowbells or percussion  effects to the GyroLock tilter. Reversible Cymbal Seat Cup - The GyroLock tilter features a new Reversible Plastic Cymbal Seat Cup (Patent Pending) that floats for free movement or locks for rattle-free performance for recording. New Convertible Boom Tilter ? BC-2000 features two Tiltable Boom Arms. Used in-line,  the booms telescope for amazing reach. Used horizontally, the boom offer almost endless positioning possibilities.

SKB 1/2 Violin/ 12" Viola Deluxe Case - The cases are designed to hold an array of sizes and models securely and with uncompromising protection. Lid holds two bows.

More Details:

The cases are designed to hold an array of sizes and models securely and with uncompromising protection. Lid holds two bows. Truly a revolution for instrument protection. Perfect fit valance with D-ring for strap.

Quiklok QL-650 extra large shelf - Quiklok QL-650 extra large fixed-angle perforated metal shelf for computer monitors. Designed for WS-500 series modular workstations.

More Details:

Extra large fixed-angle perforated metal shelf for computer monitors

This 4 Colour DMX Stage Lighting is a outstanding combination of power and flexibility in a portable unit at a breakthrough price point.

4 DMX controlled lamps contain R7S 300w bulbs developed especially for stage use, with each designed to withstand the rigours of live performance such as instant full-ons and blackouts to slow fades. The unit itself has a digital DMX switch so no more adjusting DIP switches and this can be viewed at a glance on the large LCD display to the rear of the unit. Each light is set to react to 4 DMX channels, each assigned to a different bulb.

Each light also has two strong ventilators powered by fan for heat reduction and keeping the unit running smoothly for longer periods of time.

Based on the legendary Hammerfall PCI core with its innovative zero CPU load technology the new PCI core is even more optimized for more performance. Thanks to the latest chip technology internal hi-speed RAM can be used faster and more efficient than external SRAM. Furthermore the PCI card includes two Sync-connectors for synchronisation of multiple interfaces.

The PCI engine of the Hammerfall DSP System is built on a Zero wait state PCI Busmaster core. With up to 130 MB/s transfer rate in both directions the maximum performance available on the 32 bit PCI bus is used. Additionally the card offers highest compatibility by being 100% Plug & Play compatible under Windows and MacOS, and being able to share interrupts. The card itself will only use one interrupt (IRQ) for all functions (audio/MIDI).

Superior instruments for discerning musicians

For more than 40 years, Alvarez has displayed an unwavering commitment to acoustic guitar quality, playability and aesthetics. Their collection of premium musical instruments are the choice of many famous artists such as Seether (who used Alvarez Guitars on their One Cold Night DVD) David Crosby and Graham Nash (of Crosby, Stills and Nash fame) also Staind's Aaron Lewis.

The Alvarez line is all-inclusive, from the Regent Series entry-level guitars, all the way up to the Masterworks Series of professional guitars which offer superb tone via solid backs, tops and sides. Regardless of the player, their ability or their budget, Alvarez has a quality instrument that has been custom-designed for that purpose.

These deals and many more deals from this shop or other shops can be found on Deals Network website.

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